Who can help you with tree care in Portland?

You don’t want to take any chances on the health of your trees. An unskilled tree company can compromise more than your trees; they can put your safety at risk! Instead of sorting through amateur tree workers to find a competent tree company, come straight to Arborscape Tree Care. For over 30 years, we’ve been providing quality tree care in Portland with a focus on work you can depend on.

 Tree Care Portland

Reliable tree care isn’t just a good idea; it’s an ideal we live by. Our tree service is based on scientific principles and tested methodology. Trees are alive. Their species, age, and current condition all factor into how they should be treated. Our arborists have a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw on. That’s why reliable tree maintenance demands the dedication and care we’re known for.

Our arborists have extensive knowledge of tree care

An arborist is more than simply a tree worker; also known as tree doctors or tree surgeons, arborists know the ins and outs of tree biology. They use this knowledge to create the best possible tree service plan based on your individual assessment.

  • Pruning: Pruning services are performed to ANSI standards. These standards were established by The International Society of Arborists to protect human safety and the health of the tree. The tree care we provide is always in your best interest. Fast and reckless services like “topping” can destroy the health of a tree and cause long-term stability problems.
  • Tree Doctoring: Disease, insects, and physical damage can all harm a tree. Our tree care experts will diagnose your shrubbery or trees in order to identify the problem. If treatment is necessary, we will explain your options and potential outcomes. Our specialists are happy to answer questions you may have, and treatment may not be necessary.
  • Tree Removal: Depending on the safety of the area and health of the tree, removal may be advisable. With our complete tree care services in Portland, trees will be removed safely. We’ll keep you and your property safe, acquire any necessary permits, and facilitate work with the local Urban Forestry department when tree location requires it.

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