Tree Pruning Vancouver WA

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning Vancouver, WA
Pruning is a wonderful way to keep trees lush and health—but only if it’s done right. When it’s not, pruning can cause more harm than good. Arborscape Tree Care has arborists and skilled tree care professionals to ensure your trees get pruned in a way that promotes health and growth and will never cause damage. Call today for quality tree pruning in Vancouver, WA and the surrounding metro area.

Our knowledgeable staff can prune your trees on a regular basis or come out for a free assessment to let you know what a tree needs.

Safe, Effective Tree Pruning in Vancouver WA

Tree pruning can be done for several purposes, each requires specific knowledge of that type of tree, how it grows, and what can be expected. Our professionals can create a pruning plan that helps you get the most out of your tree.

Some reasons for tree pruning include:

  1. Reduce a threat. This kind of pruning often involves assessing and removing limbs that have grown too close to power lines, roofing, driveways, walkways, or other areas where it can potentially cause damage.
  2. Promote shade or design. Tree shaping is a great way to create a shady area of your yard, or to fit into a landscape design plan. Pruning can clip a tree to just the right shape.
  3. Improve a view. If you have a fantastic view and love the trees in it, but wish you could see through them a bit better to the landscape beyond, pruning can create just the effect you desire.
  4. Increase fruit. Fruit trees are healthier and stronger when sick, broken, and dead branches are removed. Tree pruning also promotes the growth of spurs. Spurs are thick branches that bear fruit.
  5. Training young trees. Training trees that are young allows them to grow a strong root structure, guides their growth, and allows for an increase in fruit and/or flowers. It can also develop a specific shape for the tree.
  6. Treating disease. A tree suffering from an insect infestation or disease can benefit from pruning. Taking off unhealthy and dead sections reduces the disease and leaves the tree with less branches that use up its energy.
  7. Promote overall health. Pruning promotes stronger roots and new growth. A tree that is not overburdened with too many branches or shoots will grow faster and stronger.

We are a locally-owned tree care company with over 3 decades of tree care experience. We are an affordable, eco-friendly service who truly cares about offering excellent customer service along with our tree care.

Call today for tree pruning in Vancouver, WA and the surrounding area. Let us improve your landscaping with strong, healthy trees!